Staff Call Out Information Packets (Requirements) are below!

This year to apply for cadre you will need to use the link below to request consideration for cadet cadre!

>>>> Cadre Consideration Request <<<<


You must use the link given.  Do not apply in an alternative manner or your application will not be considered. 

The deadline to apply for Cadet Executive Cadre was 1 March 2015.

The deadline to apply for all other Cadet Cadre positisons was 15 March 2015, but has been extended to 27 March 2015.


Call out for Cadet Staff Applications

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If you are interested in Requesting Consideration for Cadre at the ILWGSE 2015, please see the appropriate Call Out below for information on requirements:

Cadet DC

Cadet XO

First Sergeant

Advanced Training School Commander

Honor Guard School Commander

Squadron Commanders

Flight Commanders

Flight Sergeants

Support Flight


The deadline to apply for cadet cadre will be 1 March 2015 for executive cadre and 15 March 2015 for all others.  In order to be conidered you complete the Cadre Consideration Request form. You may then e-mail any supporting recommendations, to the encampment gmail address found in the staff call outs.  All cadets (including the cadre) will formally register online begining 1 April 2015.  Information on formal registration and new forms will be posted by mid-March.  See the Information and Forms section of this site for more information and details on how to apply. 



2015 Summer Encampment Cadre


Cadet Executive Cadre

Cadet Commander

C/Lt Col Delaney Wresch


Cadet Deputy Commander


Cadet Executive Officer


First Sergeant




Squadron 26



Squadron 27



13th Advanced Training Squadron




Support Flight





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