• The 2015 IL Wing Summer Encampment will be held from 25 JUL 2015 to 1 AUG 2015, at Camp Lincoln in Springfield, IL.  The Pass In Review Ceremony and Cadet graduation will be held on 1 August 2015 at 1100 Hours.


  • In order to apply, cadets & senior members must register online and then mail/email their appropriate forms.  See the Senior Staff and Cadet Staff pages for more information. Payment for encampment should be made within 30 days of registration and may be made using PayPal (provided you have a PayPal account). Information on how to pay using PayPal can be found in the Parent Information packet found in the Information and Forms section.  Note: Cadets will begin registration 1 April 2015 (including the cadet cadre).


  • The Call Out for Cadet Cadre is scheduled for Friday, 30 January 2015.  Requests for Cadet Cadre Consideration will be accepted from now until the appropriate deadline, as follows:  For Cadet Executive Cadre (C/DC, C/XO & C/1Sgt) the deadline will be 1 March 2015.  For the remaining Cadet Cadre the deadline will be 15 March 2015.  If you are applying for cadre, you will still need to formally register online beginning 1 April 2015. Look for more information in the Cadet Staff section of this website.  


  • Formal registration for all cadets will begin online Wednesday, 1 April 2015. Information packets and details regarding new required forms can be found in the Information and Forms section, beginning 31 March 2015 (or earlier).

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