Senior Staff, Summer Encampment 2014


Encampment Commander

Lt Col Randy Mitchell

Deputy Commander

Maj Ron Gwaltney

 Executive Officer

Capt Melinda Mathis

Commandant of Cadets

1st Lt Gabe McDowell

Finance Officer

Lt Col Jim Weiland

Operations Officer

 2Lt Lori Van Meter

Admin Officer *


Air Operations

Lt Col Norman Morrisette, Director

Maj Jeffrey Gustafson

Lt Col Tod Whitmore

Capt Evan Youngblood

Transportation Officers

Maj William Donahoe

Capt Robert Lee

Cadet Staff School (CSS)

Capt Shane Guernsey, OIC/Instructor

Capt Michael Mitchell, Instructor

Honor Guard School (HGS)

Capt Wesley Flannell

Communications School

Lt Col Jim Bartel

Capt Michael Petz

1Lt Roland Tranquilla

Public Affairs 

Lt Col Paul Hertel , OIC 

SM Xueyu Jiang, Photographer

Lt Kayla Stiles, Memory Book

Medical Officers




Dining Hall Facility Officers


Training Officers

Lt Col Gene Reid, Chief TO

1Lt Katie Bishop

1 Lt Kayla Stiles

2Lt Robert Van Meter


Inspection Party Officer

1Lt Kayla Stiles

Logistics Officer

SM Ahmad Basrawi

In-Processing Officer


Out-Processing Officer


Safety Officer

SM Edward Caraballo


*Admin Officer should have knowledge of Microsoft Office (especially Word and Excel).


The Illinois Wing Summer Encampment 2014 has the following additional Senior Member Staff openings:

Command Staff Positions:



Operations/Encampment Staff Positions:

Building/Facilities Officer

Medical/Heath Services Officer(s)

Dining Hall Facility Officer and Assitants


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